TV installation is the first step to any basic home theater setup and by itself is a great way to free up space in the room.

TV Mounting Installation NY NJ5163Co has perfected this process to the point that it is more an art-form than an ordinary installation.

After installing over 1000 flat panels in our service area, we can easily say that our technicians can overcome any obstacle that may arise in the process.

Table top TV installation is a simple take out of the box, and set it on the furniture process. Our technicians will connect your source devices with the TV and explain how to use your setup.

TV Mounting Installation NY NJ

We offer several types of TV emplacements and configurations, such as table top, on-wall, ceiling, and motorized bracket installations.

If you want wall-mounted TV, we provide several options. We provide low-profile flat, tilting, or full-motion swivel brackets at your desired location.

And if the wall on which the flat panel is being installed allows us to conceal wires, our technicians will snake the AV cables through the wall from the TV, to where your source equipment (cable box, Blu-Ray player, etc.) is. If the wall is solid, then paintable wire moldings will be used to organize the cables. Or we can just mount the TV and leave the cables loose and easily accessible. In these cases we offer installations at a reduced cost. After the panel is on the wall, our technicians will connect your source equipment to the TV, clean the work area and spend time explaining how to operate your setup.

Ceiling TV installation is very similar to the on-wall installation except for the use of different mounting brackets and point of affixing the panel. Since the positioning of the ceiling-mounted TV is very crucial to the client, we require a survey appointment by our representative before starting the project. Please call for further information; the surveys are free.

Wall Mount Installation NY NJThere is a wide range of different motorized bracket solutions available, such as pop-up lifts. These allow your TV to rise from within or behind a cabinet, and slide back down when not in use. Another alternative is the swing-out from under the bed, where the TV is normally hidden under the bed, but at the push of the button comes out in front of you. You may want to have picture painting lifts which allow you to use a piece of art work to conceal your TV, but it moves away when you put the TV on. Our knowledgeable sales staff would be happy to guide you and your designer through all of the available options.


TV Mounting Installation NY NJ

In addition to the above, we also offer space-saving solutions for your cable box, Blu-Ray player and other source equipment. We can locate your source equipment inside a closed cabinet, or even place the equipment in different rooms to maximize space in the TV area.

We carry a range of universal remotes (Harmony, Universal Remote Control, ProControl, RTI, and Crestron) and our technicians are very proficient in programming them. Having a universal remote as part of your setup will simplify the use of your system, eliminate remote clutter, and put a finishing touch on your new installation.