TV Installation New York

TV Installation New York

TV installation stirs a lot of different feelings in men and women of New York.  The men prefer to have their TVs everywhere.  Women know that there are certain rooms in the house that the TVs should not be installed, like the bedroom.   It interferes with intimacy.  New York is an information city and TV is very prevalent in people’s lives.   So it is guys who mostly request TV installation in the living rooms, bedrooms, basements, even bathrooms with no regard for their significant other’s wishes. Not all of them, but some don’t.  Companies who offer TV Installation in New York, are aware of this fact.  And there are so many different kinds of TV Installations happening in New York, it is Unreal.  The displays of large, sleek-designed TVs send men into a buying frenzy.  They imagine it in every room of their house, just clicking away at the remote control.  And with all the options for installation it is only normal that the consumers are expecting the TV Installation New York companies to cater to their every whim in terms of where they want to hang it, how it should be affixed and what kinds of television sets they can choose from.

When you are a single mother of two kids, and you need to install a TV for your boys to watch, who are you going to call?  5163Co, that’s who.  Their phone number is 888-511-5163.  Or you can visit them at  These guys do the best TV installations in New York.  The TV Installation does not have to be a daunting, humongous task.  Just call 5163Co. and tell them what you need done.  They will come in, do the job quickly and nicely and not even leave a mess behind them.  Very professional service from a professional crew who has been with the company for years will do a TV installation in New York in any borough  and explain the details of using it.  If your kids are little and you don’t want them to play with the buttons on the TV – you can request  an on the wall TV installation with concealed wiring, so that the kids don’t have anything to pull on.  So both your TV and your kids will be safe.

The picture quality that many of these TV sets offer today is staggeringly beautiful.  Rich colors on these LED slim screens are a real feast for your senses.  Your eyes will see picturesque views in neon colors and you will be baffled at the progress that the electronic industry has made over the years.  The kids will take it for granted, of course, especially in New York, where there are so many options and channels to choose from.  You?  You will be lucky if they let you sit down with them and watch Team Umi Zoomy or Power Rangers which you either know nothing about or too much by now.  And feel happy that you have a chance to partake in this spectacular viewing experience right next to your most important people in your life.

TV installation in New York does not have to be expensive. offers $149.00 for a TV installation without concealed wiring and only $199 for the TV installation with the concealed wiring.  Not bad at all.

Long ago you did not need to impose a limit to a TV viewing practice.  There was not too much to choose from and the kids would be mostly playing outside.  I remember growing up in Russia and having only 5 channels or so available and very rarely will a cartoon be showing and everyone would go home from playing outside to watch it.  It was a much anticipated event.  Companies who do TV installation in New York know, however, that it is only 2 hours per day that the kids can watch TV, but it does not stop them from doing a fantastic service for those clients who call.  Here in New York, it is only practical that the kids are at home watching TV and not being snatched by the kidnappers or worse, getting hit by a car on the busy streets.  So, TV installation is a blessing in disguise – although it is not healthy for anyone to watch too much of TV, it is very helpful for parents who come home from work and need to distress or cook and clean for their family and the kids are out of their way, watching TV.