Rest easy, knowing that your property is completely secure whether you’re there or not.  Our security solutions range from simple budget oriented security to more sophisticated systems integrating various forms of burglary and fire alarms, digital and analog security camera systems, access control systems, and medical alert systems interconnected into one simple to use eco system, All systems are programmed to report, self-manage, and record over any communication media convenient to you.

Our company’s vast experience in completing many complex and technically challenging projects, would guaranty a well thought out and executed custom solution, crafted specifically for the requirements of any set environment. Having many commercial projects under our belt varying from large warehouses, multiple dwelling units, and manufacturing facilities to office spaces, retail stores, and even concession stands 5163Co. understands that each business has a specific needs, and will design cost effective solution to reduce your losses and ultimately increase productivity, while keeping your employees, investors and your own mind at ease. Our experience is not only lays in commercial installations, we also excel in fitting security systems in residential environments – whether retrofitting a solution in the most discrete, tasteful, but functional manner to working with designers, construction managers in the new construction projects.

Please read further about specifics of various security systems.



The surveillance systems or also known as CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) is widely recognized as an effective method of monitoring residential or commercial properties.


There are many studies indicated the crime rate, and vandalism significantly dropping in the areas where surveillance cameras are in place. It is also known that presence of the security cameras is one of the primary preventive techniques again any future delinquencies.

In the commercial applications the common practices of utilizing the surveillance systems lies in several categories. Most often security cameras are used to prevent and deter trespassing, theft in parallel with tracking the vandalism in situation when your employees or customers try to unlawfully get possession of your merchandise or simply destroying it for any particular reason.  The camera surveillance is also a common tool to prevent liability situation – in the events of slip and fall or other unexpected situation when your patrons sustain some physical harm, it is known to aid business owners from engaging in the groundless law suits. And lastly presence of the cameras in the work environment stimulates employees to a better social conduct and productivity, as well as allows employers to improve management of their subordinates.

Similarly to a commercial applications primary use of camera surveillance system in the residential properties are to prevent and deter trespassing, theft and vandalism. Well exposed outdoor cameras act as first warning sign that residents are serious about their security to any criminal element mining for new victims. However in our experience home owners also often request additional functionality from their surveillance system. In some instances discrete cameras are installed in the key sections of the house to observe unsolicited behavior of the babysitters and housekeepers, even in some cases troubled kids.

The price for the surveillance systems in recent years has come down by far, and therefore is now most accessible than ever for deployment in any size of the projects. It is now that every store owner from large to small can afford to have a comprehensive camera system installed and benefit from all of the security features; as well as any home owner can find a budget to integrate an affordable surveillance solution.




5163 Co. offers the most comprehensive alarm solutions, using latest technology. Our expertise will deliver optimal design, professional installation and then attentive maintenance of you alarm system.


Properly installed alarm system can deliver piece of mind as well as actively protect your property from burglary, fire, flood and medical accidents. Connected to centralized monitoring station, alarm system instantly notifies police, fire department, paramedics and yourself of an eminent danger and current situation. In more advanced systems, alarm could be integrated fully with your automation system – automated commercial spaces or smart homes.

Our competent engineers will assess your property and determine possible intrusion and emergency points, then tailor comprehensive solution without over designing it and mindful of your needs and budget. Whether you run a large business or own an apartment we’ll customize your alarm package for the maximum your security.

In the event that we could participate in the construction of your site, through working with designers and construction managers, 5163Co can deliver a most reliable wired solution for all security points. And in event when alarm system has to be retrofitted, wireless solution could be put in place as most design friendly option.

Aside from direct function, alarm systems that we offer could be fully integrated with other devices of your property. For example lights, thermostats and access control could be added as part of the alarm system, so in the event of the alarm being triggered, all lights would get turned on, doors locked, visually alarming owner or a security personnel, while locking out intruder from accessing other parts of the premises. Similarly integrated gas leakage and flood detection alarm function can interact with ventilation or valve control. Also if the property is being regularly vacant for long durations of time, such as vocation homes or large warehouses, temperature alarm sensor could be setup to trigger thermostat to heat up space to prevent pipe freezing, as well as cool down spaces if such function required.

At the end, well thought out and professionally installed, alarm system will securely protect your premises, your personnel and yourself from various threats and emergencies.


Access Control


The main purpose of the access control system is literally a monitoring and controlling in and out traffic of a specific entry point to premises.

Through use of a RFID or magnetic cards, numeric keypads, biometric readers (fingerprint, retina scanners and face recognition systems) and intercoms property owner can be equipped with immediate control over who can enter or leave the facility.

In commercial settings, it is common to use RFID, magnetic cards or personalized key sequence access control systems. Besides thorough entrance control for multiple entry points and thousands of users with various authorization levels, this type of access control system also allows for robust attendance management, event logging and physical location tracking of the personnel or merchandize. It is also possible to have current status of the entry point, whether it has been recently opened, held open or closed.

In residential environments with multi dwelling units it is common to use combination of intercom and key recognition systems. Where building tenants have direct access to the facility and intercom gives them ability to allow access to visitors. In the same time key

recognition system eliminates a problem for the property management of unauthorized key copying and distribution, providing a safer living environment.

For the past several years increasing number of private homes integrate intercom systems with audio systems in the house, and automation features. The door keypads allow owners to issue a personalized access code to the help staff, without worrying that the physical key would be lost or copied. Additionally as a part of automation system and multi-room audio integrated intercom can be used for easy communication within the house, as well as outside.

Modern access control systems can be integrated with alarm, surveillance and various automation systems for the sophisticated management and additional security features. For further functionality some access systems work over the Internet, which allows collocated multiple site management and ability to grant access remotely.