Home Theater Installation NYC with Projector and Screen

Custom Home Theater in New York New Jersey

We, the designers and engineers of 5163co, have developed and installed thousands of Custom Home Theater Installations NYC inclusive of Video Projectors and Cinema Screens. From concept to completion, your function requirements and design criteria inform every choice we make in putting together a home theater installation NYC with projector and screen that compliments your home, is attentive to your needs, and suits your budget.Breathtaking cinema in your home can be made effortless to operate, cohesive to your interior design preferences, and can, in some cases, completely vanish from sight! Home Theater Installations NYC with a video projector and professional filmscreens transport the vision of the director, the dedication of the athlete, the craft of the actor, and the innate creativity of the musician into images that compel, immerse, and engage. The design and implementation of a high-quality projection system truly does elevate the home theater experience, and the disciplines 5163co hold dear can help you in bringing grand scale video into your living space.

Todays’ video projectors have continued to impress with each and every performance level available in both the consumer and professional marketplace. Image resolution once reserved for professional theaters, has found its’ way into low-profile, affordable home theater video projectors that are convertibly at home in virtually any interior, and render your favorite motion pictures, sports, dramas, comedies, games and performances with reference-level resolution, accurate color, and stunning image dynamics.

5163co’s home theater designs involving projector and screen installation have taken on a variety of applications.Static ceiling bracketing can suspend your projector above and behind the viewing audience, remaining in perfect picture-quality position, and leaving nothing between the viewer and filmscreen except enjoyment. With forgiving colors and svelt form factors, 5163co can install reference video projectors without intrusion on design and living spaces.

5163co has also, space willing and with proper utilization of lenses, designed video projector installation that houses the component in a wall opposite of the viewed screen. This flush, virtually invisible application provides visual impact on your home theater screen while remaining unobtrusively out of sight.Automation and motorization wield their convenience in our home theater installations NYC with projectors and screen as well.

Motorized projector lifts, as well as the professionally-surfaced motorized screens 5163co has applied, can remain completely out of sight in any interior, manifesting themselves only when in use. Carefully chosen and calibrated, 5163co can design a virtually invisible home theater, having reference-quality projectors and screens descend into the room only when enjoyed, literally vanishing from sight when the shows’ over!
Home Theater in New York New Jersey

Home Theater Installation NYC with Projector and Screen, when designed and installed by 5163co, offers effortless operation, cohesive design, affordable performance, and the journeyman-caliber experience and talent that comes only with satisfying demanding customers for a long, long time.