Custom Home Theater Installation New Jersey

Home Theater in New York New JerseyGet ready for lavish seating, incredible sound, a phenomenal picture and an unforgettable movie experience every time you want. Unlike any other room in the house, where you install your home theater becomes your sanctuary for entertainment. Every theater we build integrates robust design with state-of-the-art technology—pleasing to the eye and simple to use. One button will prepare your theater for viewing, and another will start the movie. 5163 Coh. tailors every design with complete respect for your space and budget demands.

The modern home theater is no longer restricted to a dedicated room; it is now part of your living room, kitchen or bedroom, sometimes hidden from the eye or the center of attention. The most common configuration of a home theater take into account the design and technical obstacles of the room – different speaker configurations, a large flat panel, or a projector/screen solution. In some cases several display devices together is the ultimate solution.

The speaker configurations range from a sound bar neatly installed below your TV to a full 9.1 surround sound system. A sound bar is a perfect solution for a client who wishes not to get involved with an extensive installation process, or has little space for speakers. It offers a great alternative to a full featured setup with a slick design and rich sound.

Sound System Installation NY NJ

In other cases, the client may wish to have great definitive sound, but without seeing any speakers. There are other solutions, such as ceiling-mounted speakers. And if perfection is required with the very best hi-end speakers, then there are choices of cabinet speakers that either hang on the wall or floor standing models.

When it comes to display devices, the possibilities are limitless. There is a whole array of different large- panel LED, LCD, and Plasma displays which could be used in any setting. And if space permits, a larger viewing area could be achieved by using the combination of a projector and a projection screen.

Since the projector setup demands certain light conditions, there are instances where a TV and a projector are used in the same room. During the day, the TV may provide the better picture, while at night or at special events the projector and screen may be used instead.

Custom Home Theater in New York New JerseyThere’s absolutely no creative limit in what could be done in dedicated theater design. However imaginative the living room’s home theater location is – it may have a starry-skied ceiling, velvet walls, designer carpeting, luxury sitting and great video and sound - all could be mixed into any theme or feel you may desire. 5163Co is part of a large group of professional companies dedicated to re-creating any imaginable design: from acoustic treatments and custom sitting through construction and THX certified calibration.

And to top off any home theater installation, 5163Co. carries a large range of universal remote control devices from companies such as Harmony, Universal Remote Control, ProControl, RTI and Crestron. This will make the use and enjoyment of your theater as comfortable and easy an experience as possible, so that even the less technically savvy habitants of your household could use it.