Home Theater New York

With the progress of electronic devices on the market today, you can see more and more people opt for Home Theaters instead of just one TV set in the house.  People can afford to bring the movie-going experience in their homes.  They design their living as a movie theater complete with widescreen television sets and surround sound stereo equipment. Home Theater New York has perfected this process to make it comprehensive for the client and expedient to bring to life.

It takes only two steps to change your old TV room, your guest room or your living room and you can find out more about that at www.5163co.com.  The first step in approaching this task is to purchase or upgrade the various home theater equipment.  The second step involves a preparation for a conversion of the actual room for the items you buy for the home theater equipment.

There are basically only two important devices which are involved in a home theater New York realization.  The main viewing screen and a surround sound system.   As a home theater systems basic difference from a simple TV lies on a surround sound system.  It is very important to tailor a room for maximizing the surround system for the best performance.

After you buy all the needed equipment for the home theater, you can then start the process of converting the old TV room into the home theater room.

We at www.5163co.com think that the home theater experience would be best if the designated rooms are closed up, and don’t have a walk-though kind of design.  These kind of rooms have better acoustics than the open space rooms.

It would help greatly if the room in question has carpeting and curtains because it will improve the quality of sound – this is how it is done in the actual movie theaters.   While it is not required  for home theater rooms to be lined with curtains and have carpeted floors for great movie watching experience, it would ameliorate the overall lighting and sound conditions.  People in New York are used to a quality and a luxury that is above average – so sitting at home and “being” in the movie theater at the same time – is very exciting to say the least. 5163Co has made it their business to make the home theater rooms not only functional, but also comfortable for the client.

As far as the speakers positioning in a home theater New York is concerned,  5163co has a clear understanding of to position all the sound equipment components to optimize the acoustical quality of the experience.  Basically, it is needed that the speakers are located all around the main viewing screen, be it flat screen, motorized screen or just a plain wall.

In a home theater New York you would normally see two front speakers near the main screen, with two more on the sides, next to where the viewers are, and two more behind the audience’s  area.

Subwoofer, which is also a part of the sound system is needed for bass boosting, and it is usually put behind the area where the people are sitting and watching the movie and audio-visual mixing systems which handle the delivery of sounds to the all speakers.

Home Theater New York’s idea of a satisfying movie viewing experience includes the proper positioning of the surround speakers and proper lighting adjustments, which are totally based on individual preferences, just like the room color and comfy chairs or a fluffy couch.

Rest assured that if you want to convert your old TV room into a Home Theater in New York, 5163Co will be more than happy to do the job expertly and expeditiously, customizing each project to your preferences.

So, bring on the pop-corn and ENJOY!