Alarm Installation NY

5163 Co. offers the most comprehensive alarm solutions, using latest technology. Our expertise will deliver optimal design, professional installation and then attentive maintenance of you alarm system.

Properly installed alarm system can deliver piece of mind as well as actively protect your property from burglary, fire, flood and medical accidents. Connected to centralized monitoring station, alarm system instantly notifies police, fire department, paramedics and yourself of an eminent danger and current situation. In more advanced systems, alarm could be integrated fully with your automation system – automated commercial spaces or smart homes.

Our competent engineers will assess your property and determine possible intrusion and emergency points, then tailor comprehensive solution without over designing it and mindful of your needs and budget. Whether you run a large business or own an apartment we’ll customize your alarm package for the maximum your security.

In the event that we could participate in the construction of your site, through working with designers and construction managers, 5163Co can deliver a most reliable wired solution for all security points. And in event when alarm system has to be retrofitted, wireless solution could be put in place as most design friendly option.

Aside from direct function, alarm systems that we offer could be fully integrated with other devices of your property. For example lights, thermostats and access control could be added as part of the alarm system, so in the event of the alarm being triggered, all lights would get turned on, doors locked, visually alarming owner or a security personnel, while locking out intruder from accessing other parts of the premises. Similarly integrated gas leakage and flood detection alarm function can interact with ventilation or valve control. Also if the property is being regularly vacant for long durations of time, such as vocation homes or large warehouses, temperature alarm sensor could be setup to trigger thermostat to heat up space to prevent pipe freezing, as well as cool down spaces if such function required.

At the end, well thought out and professionally installed, alarm system will securely protect your premises, your personnel and yourself from various threats and emergencies.